HAM Rodeo performs "Bartender's Blues" by James Taylor Larry Cook- bass and vocals Christian Apuzzo- guitar and vocals Ellie Goodman- fiddle Justin Camerer- guitar Mike Robinson- pedal steel Ellery Marshall- drums

Members of the Brooklyn Bluegrass Collective play Bill Monroe's Kentucky racehorse classic "Molly and Tenbrooks" The BkBC: Ellery Marshall - banjo. Christian Apuzzo - guitar. Larry Cook - bass. Joseph Lee Scott - mandolin. Libby Weitnauer - fiddle. Filmed March 2017 at BkBC studios in Brooklyn, NYC by Rachel Love and Jason Borisoff. Edited by Zack Bruce and Mike Robinson. Check out for more!

Christian Apuzzo - "Run Away" Christian Apuzzo - guitar & vocals, Sam Merwin - mandolin, Matheus Verardino - harmonica Captured live during PorchStomp 2017 - Governor's Island, NYC By Beehive Productions

Cole Quest and the City Pickers.  A live performance of their original, If I still had you, at Rockland Conservatory of Music performed on 3/11/17. Written by: Christian Apuzzo. Cole Quest Rotante - Dobro. Christian Apuzzo - Guitar. Sam Merwin - Mandolin. Margaret Mug - Bass. Matheus Verardino - Harmonica.

Performing with Tara Lindhardt. Appalachian-Himalayan Music Project, Grey Fox 2015. From left to right: Raj Kapoor, Shyam Nepali, Mary Simpson, Tara Linhardt, Christian Apuzzo.

Second week of 8mm sessions! Joining me this time around is Christian Apuzzo. He's in multiple bluegrass/folk bands including Cole Quest and the City Pickers, The Idiot Brigade, and the Nick Horner Family to name a few. You can also find him almost every night of the week at a jam around NYC, drinking some whiskey.