HAM Rodeo performs "Bartender's Blues" by James Taylor Larry Cook- bass and vocals Christian Apuzzo- guitar and vocals Ellie Goodman- fiddle Justin Camerer- guitar Mike Robinson- pedal steel Ellery Marshall- drums

Christian Apuzzo - "Run Away" Christian Apuzzo - guitar & vocals, Sam Merwin - mandolin, Matheus Verardino - harmonica Captured live during PorchStomp 2017 - Governor's Island, NYC By Beehive Productions

Cole Quest and the City Pickers.  A live performance of their original, If I still had you, at Rockland Conservatory of Music performed on 3/11/17. Written by: Christian Apuzzo. Cole Quest Rotante - Dobro. Christian Apuzzo - Guitar. Sam Merwin - Mandolin. Margaret Mug - Bass. Matheus Verardino - Harmonica.

Members of the Brooklyn Bluegrass Collective play Bill Monroe's Kentucky racehorse classic "Molly and Tenbrooks" The BkBC: Ellery Marshall - banjo. Christian Apuzzo - guitar. Larry Cook - bass. Joseph Lee Scott - mandolin. Libby Weitnauer - fiddle. Filmed March 2017 at BkBC studios in Brooklyn, NYC by Rachel Love and Jason Borisoff. Edited by Zack Bruce and Mike Robinson. Check out for more!

Performing with Tara Lindhardt. Appalachian-Himalayan Music Project, Grey Fox 2015. From left to right: Raj Kapoor, Shyam Nepali, Mary Simpson, Tara Linhardt, Christian Apuzzo.

Second week of 8mm sessions! Joining me this time around is Christian Apuzzo. He's in multiple bluegrass/folk bands including Cole Quest and the City Pickers, The Idiot Brigade, and the Nick Horner Family to name a few. You can also find him almost every night of the week at a jam around NYC, drinking some whiskey.